More companies than ever before in the Louisville area, are enjoying the benefits of hosting interns.  Your organization can benefit from these amazing programs too!  As long as these experiences are a priority for your business, structured, and provides students with the supervision they need to be successful.

One of the keys to a successful internship program – for both you and the students you hire – is to make sure adequate time is invested into your program before the student even shows up for their first day!  The more resources your organization is willing to put towards the internship program, the better it will be. The better the internship program, the more competitive it will be. And the more competitive the program, the stronger the applicant pool. Basically meaning, if you have a great program, you’ll attract great students.

To assist you in making your internship program the very best it can be, your Louisville Society for Human Resource Management has partnered with Intern Bridge, the nation’s premier internship research and consulting firm to make sure that you have the right structure to get the strongest results!

We hope you will join us on either March 21st or March 22nd, 2018 for The Louisville Area Total Internship Management Workshop.  Visit for more details and to register!

2017-2018 Louisville Area University Career Fairs

University/College Contact List

University of Louisville - Internship Contact List

If you need further assistance please contact LSHRMs Director of Community & College Relations.

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