Job Transition & Assistance

Here is a list of resources for people in work transition:

Interfaith Job Transition Ministry

An interfaith support group offering resources to faith-based organizations providing assistance and encouragement for those in job transition.

These resources include: career search strategy, interviewing skills, resume writing, networking, job leads, stress management, and financial management through workshops, individual coaching, and information posted on our web site.

This site will allow you to network with other people in similar circumstances and find referrals to outplacement consultants, financial analysts and counselors. You can also download an e-book ($5.95) called: A GUIDE TO: Coping with Job Loss for Smarties The Emotional Aspects of Job Loss and How To Take Back Control of Your Life.,,165431,00.html

iVillage brings you information on coping with job loss as well as other job issues. Worth checking out!

Online Compass contributor, Margaret Riley (The Riley Guide). External links categorized by the following topics:

The Job Search Gurus

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Transition from the Military to a Civilian Career from ZipRecruiter

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