KYSHRM Announces 2018 Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award Winner

LSHRM is extremely proud of Tiffany Cardwell, who was honored with the 2018 Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award at the 34th Annual KYSHRM Conference. Tiffany is a Consulting Principal at Mount Chilton Medley CPAs and Advisors LLP. Tiffany is a philanthropist and volunteer extraordinaire serving on dozens of nonprofit board of directors throughout her career.

Tiffany is a past President of LSHRM and remains an active leader on the board. Tiffany Cardwell is very well thought of and highly respected by her peers and colleagues. Most of us stand in awe! How does she do it? She has a successful career, a wife, a mom, a community servant for more than 25 years, and doesn’t seem to miss a social event! Tiffany is very deserving of the 2018 Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award! LSHRM is thankful to have the benefit of her leadership. Tiffany Cardwell truly makes everyone around her want to do more. Salute!

October Chapter Meeting: Compensation Practices to Attract, Manage, and Reward the Right Talent

You don’t want to miss LSHRM’s one and only compensation program for 2018!! Join your LSHRM colleagues for a breakfast meeting on October 2, 2018, from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at the Delphi Center! Our topic will be Coffee, Cake, and Compensation: Compensation Practices to Attract, Manage, and Reward the Right Talent.

In this session, the leader of Mercer’s Louisville Career practice, LaCinda Glover, will discuss compensation in today’s changing world. The compensation promise is changing, and how you deliver and manage programs for your employees is following suit. Drawing from client experiences and data from various talent trends and compensation reports, she will focus on compensation best practices to attract, manage, and reward the right talent.


Legislative Update - EEOC Lawsuits and Whistleblower Proposal

The EEOC filed seven workplace harassment lawsuits against employers across the country. Five of these were sexual harassment while two were racial. One of the racial lawsuits was based upon national origin. Also, five of the seven lawsuits claimed retaliation against employees for reporting harassment.

The SEC has made a proposal to strengthen its discretion to increase whistle blower awards. The proposed rules would give them authority under certain circumstances to adjust award percentages to an amount up to $2 million. The purpose being to sufficiently incentivize whistleblowers who might otherwise be concerned about the low dollar amount of a potential reward. This should encourage companies to strengthen their ethics and compliance programs to avoid whistle-blowing

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November Chapter Meeting: Detour (Change Management) with Hall of Fame, International Speaker STEVE GILLILAND

LSHRM is excited to welcome Steve Gilliland, a Hall-of-Fame speaker for our November 13 event. If you have never heard Steve speak before, you are in for a treat! Here is a link to a good, funny, but short video of Steve speaking, so you’ll know what to expect when you attend! Get ready to be informed and entertained! See you in November!


LSHRM HR Connect Fall Event

Join your HR colleagues for a honky tonkin’ good time at Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen. Merle’s was named one of America’s Best Bourbon Bars by the Bourbon Review in 2017 and is reminiscent of a classic western whiskey hall. Network with other HR professionals over food and drink and then stick around for live music starting at 8:00. Please register and join us for this honky-tonk-themed HR Connect event!


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