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Come & Join LSHRM for this unique event raising funds for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb, scheduled for Saturday, February 1st, at the National City Tower on 101 S 5th Street.

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We would like to THANK YOU for attending LSHRM’s Unboxed: Releasing the Rage Event. We hope you had fun, found it educational, and look forward to seeing you at our future events! https://www.lshrm.org/calendar-of-events


Considering that we spend at least 1/3 of our waking time at work, there’s a real opportunity for us to start acknowledging and talking about emotional well-being in this space. After all, until it’s OK to talk about, people won’t feel comfortable seeking the resources they need.

You can find the Mental Health Toolkit on our LSHRM Wellness website page. This awesome guide provides tips and tools for simple actions you can take to encourage your leaders, managers and employees to raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health issues.  Here is an overview of the Mental Health Toolkit:

There is an easier way for you to promote emotional well-being and help the organizations you support thrive.


Announcing the Well-being at Work: Mental Health Toolkit! Developed by subject-matter experts to help employers break down the stigma around mental health in the workplace, it includes resources to help employees recognize the signs that someone is struggling and start a conversation, and also find information to support mental and emotional health.

Why did Humana develop this toolkit?

People need to start talking about mental health, and you, as the point of contact for the employer or benefits administrator, can help by promoting the toolkit. 

The truth is, before employers can help their populations address specific concerns around mental health, employees first need to feel comfortable talking about emotional well-being at work and know how to access confidential assistance. The mental health toolkit helps fill that gap, and includes engaging and simple-to-implement resources:

- Implementation Guide for employers
- Presentation for employees and managers (including presenter notes) on the importance of normalizing mental health and recognizing signs of behavioral health concerns
- Promotional materials, such as email templates and flyers/posters
- List of top mental health resources from expert organizations

The LSHRM Wellness Committee would like to thank our sponsors and everyone who participated in last year’s events and we look forward to you joining us at all of our Wellness events in 2020! 

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