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  • 05/21/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)


    Louisville Society for Human Resource Management Receives Prestigious SHRM Award

    for Advancing the HR Profession

    LOUISVILLE, KY, May 21, 2018 — The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently awarded Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM) its prestigious EXCEL Platinum Award for the chapter’s accomplishments in 2017.

    The award aligns individual chapters’ activities with SHRM’s aspirations for the HR profession. The award recognizes accomplishments and strategic activities and initiatives that enhance the human resource profession.

    “SHRM exists because of our great chapters and state councils like LSHRM which work tirelessly to help advance the important mission of the HR profession through initiatives that support our future, build inclusive organizations and focus on workplace readiness,” said Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, president and chief executive officer of SHRM. “Recognizing you as a recipient of this prestigious award is just one way to show that SHRM supports you and that we are by your side step by step as we move Together Forward.”

    The EXCEL Award can be earned at four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each level has a prescribed set of requirements and accomplishments that must be met. LSHRM will receive recognition in SHRM publications and at conferences, a logo to display on its website, and information to share with its members about the significance of this award.

    Under the outstanding leadership of 2017 President, Laura DeFazio, LSHRM served as a partner with employers and the community. The team worked to enhance awareness around the value of internship programs as a strategic talent pipeline resource, assisted over 200 job seekers with professional development training, and leveraged a partnership with Junior Achievement Kentuckiana to provide proactive workforce development education to young people.

    For more information about LSHRM, visit

    Media: For more information, contact Patricia Williams of LSHRM at (502)650-1047 or

    About the Louisville Society for Human Resource Management

    LSHRM is committed to excellence in the practice of human resource management and is Kentucky's largest professional human resources organization with nearly 600 members. LSHRM leads the effort to address Greater Louisville’s most pressing workforce challenges. LSHRM is committed to serving the community by providing bold and innovative workforce solutions.

    About the Society for Human Resource Management

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members in more than 165 countries. For nearly seven decades, the Society has been the leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals and advancing the practice of human resource management. SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and subsidiary offices in China, India and United Arab Emirates. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SHRMPress. 

  • 05/05/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)


    An excerpt from Staying Power:

    Who’s the Real Flight Risk?

    Unfortunately, today’s younger workers have garnered a negative reputation for being job hoppers when, in fact, all new hires are a flight risk, regardless of their age.

    New hires don’t have the “golden handcuffs” seasoned workers do, and most new hires have the confidence and courage to change jobs, or they would have stayed put.

    Think of it this way. If someone was willing to leave their last company to come work for you, they are likely to leave you for the next opportunity that appeals to them.

    Trees vs. Revolving Doors

    The veteran group of dependable workers described earlier is what I refer to as the “trees” in our workforce today. They are deep-rooted in the organization and are not likely to go elsewhere anytime soon.

    Now, the other part of the workforce is a completely different story. These less stable positions in the company are the “revolving door” roles, which rotate through new hires faster than managers would like, and that cost companies dearly in losses of productivity and profitability as they repeatedly rehire and retrain for these jobs.

    At most organizations, I find the majority of positions fall into one of these two categories: trees or revolving doors. If you had to separate your entire workforce into only these two buckets, what percent of your staff falls into each? (There is no right answer. This is just to help you reflect on your current staffing situation.) Is it 70/30, 60/40, 50/50?

    Now, project out five to 10 years and envision what percentage of your staff will fall into each category then. Scary, right? It doesn’t have to be!

    The impending transition from a long-term workforce to a shorter-term workforce should not blindside any manager or company. We can see it coming, and can prepare for it now.

    As more trees retire, they are not likely to be replaced by newer trees who will stay long term but, instead, those roles will become more revolving-door positions. This is already occurring in several industries and the trend will continue. I bring this projection to light as a way to jump-start your leadership team into discussions about the importance of understanding today’s new workforce and making retention efforts a priority. The costs associated with a lack of preparation will be detrimental to some organizations.

    And keep in mind, the goal is not to stop the revolving door. The goal is to slow it down to a manageable pace that is sustainable.

    Do you have a plan for the workforce transition?

    Author: Workforce thought leader, speaker and author Cara Silletto, MBA, is the president and chief retention officer of Crescendo Strategies, a firm committed to reducing unnecessary employee turnover. Her 2018 book, Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer, helps employers better understand today’s new workforce and improve employee retention.

  • 04/18/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    SPOT Award Winner for March

    The SPOT Award stands for Spontaneous Praise and Ongoing Thanks. We recognize a volunteer monthly that goes above and beyond in their dedication and support of the LSHRM Chapter.

    On behalf of the LSHRM Board of Directors, today we recognize Kerry Faltin as our April SPOT Award Winner.  Kerry is a committed LSHRM member who goes above and beyond volunteering her time for the hospitality committee.  Kerry's servant’s heart and bubbly personality bring a smile to our members’ faces when they check in at registration.  Kerry is always reliable and someone you can truly count on for support. 

    Thank you, Kerry, for all you do for LSHRM!

  • 03/26/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    SPOT Award Winner for March

    The SPOT Award stands for Spontaneous Praise and Ongoing Thanks. We recognize a volunteer monthly that goes above and beyond in their dedication and support of the LSHRM Chapter.

    On behalf of the LSHRM Board of Directors, we would like to recognize Kelly Groves as our March 2018 SPOT Winner!  Kelly is a longtime LSHRM Board member and continues to train new board members on policies and procedures. Kelly is the type of volunteer that you can count on to do exactly what she says. As the VP of Administration, we rely on her a lot. She keeps the minutes and internal business operations running smoothly and hasn’t missed a beat. Even with the loss of her mom and then a heavy increase in workload this year, Kelly is always worried about LSHRM. We are so grateful to have her!

    Thanks Kelly for all you do for LSHRM!

  • 03/01/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    Military Veteran TalentPractical Impediments to Executing a Veteran-Focused Employment Strategy

    By:  James Tongate

    “Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character” - John Wooden

                    Don’t just thank a military veteran for their service to our great nation – make it a point to learn more by asking “why” they chose to serve.  The answers will vary ranging from “I felt a need to serve my country” to “to pay for my education and learn a trade.”  Regardless of the answer, I guarantee that you’ll note a gleam of honor and appreciation for your question.

    Military veterans are a special breed of human beings much like those in other professions (e.g. Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors, etc.).  Regardless of politics, the economy or other distractions – our nation’s military always remains focused and on task for the defense of our nation.  Many Servicemembers have indeed sacrificed much, and ever since 9/11/2001, military operations tempo remains high and shows no sign of slowing down.  Whether it be through the regular attrition rates for retirements or finishing up their contracted term limits, Servicemembers will eventually transition out and seek a meaningful career as a civilian.

    While the “sea of goodwill” continues for many employers executing veteran-focused employment strategies, some employers fall short with the very basics of building a culture where military veteran talent is championed and grows beyond typical clichés (e.g. most / all military have PTSD, non-translation of skills/experience for their industry, etc.).  Now granted, the onus is on the military veteran to appropriately research employers, their culture, career opportunities, as well as appropriately translate their skills/experience on to their resume in “civilian-speak” and not bogged down with military jargon – the military veteran must compete!

    An employer must begin their journey first by educating their talent recruiters, HR business partners and hiring managers on the unique military cultures (e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) within the over-arching military culture.  This includes, but is not limited to rank structure (enlisted vs officer), active duty vs reserve duty, occupations, missions and much more. 

    Military Servicemembers are four times better educated / trained than most civilians as they attend different levels of schools:

    • For their occupation(s)
    • For promotion levels
    • For management / leadership roles (1st Sgt, Commander, etc.)
    • Personal education (e.g. college/university)

    They must understand that it takes a bit more time to peel back the layers of the military Service member onion to learn about many of the soft skills & attributes characteristic that also parallel their education levels…this includes:

    • Accountability
    • Adaptability
    • Team Players
    • Experienced Leadership
    • Self-Reliance
    • Perseverance
    • Strong Work Ethic
    • Objective-Focused
    • Quick Learners
    • High Impact Decision-Maker
    • Diverse Perspectives

    Only then will companies begin to scratch the surface with a much better understanding on the true value any military Servicemember would bring to their business.

  • 02/26/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    SPOT Award Winner for February

    The SPOT Award stands for Spontaneous Praise and Ongoing Thanks. We recognize a volunteer monthly that goes above and beyond in their dedication and support of the LSHRM Chapter.

    On behalf of the LSHRM Board of Directors, we would like to recognize Charlaine Reynolds at the SPOT Award winner for February! Charlaine is our Director of SHRM Foundation & Special Events. Under her leadership, her team and our Chapter raised more than $10,000 for the SHRM Foundation in 2017! We were the #3 highest chapters in fundraising for this wonderful cause! Charlaine and her team also planned HR connect events for all of us to enjoy. They continued our partnerships with the KY SHRM Conference and Best Places to Work Program!

    Thanks Charlaine for all you do for LSHRM!

  • 01/31/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    LSHRM Presents Talent Solution #1: Transitioning Veterans
    Author: Patricia Williams, LSHRM President

    The Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM) is committed to serving the community as a business partner that creates bold and innovative workforce solutions for Greater Louisville’s most pressing human resource issues. Innovative recruitment and talent attraction strategies remain at the forefront of critical workforce challenges.

    In 2018, LSHRM will present three tactical strategies that we believe will provide valuable workforce relief and stimulate the businesses in Louisville, Kentucky. These workforce remedies include successfully transitioning veterans into the civilian workforce, developing sustainable internship programs that result in an ongoing talent pipeline feeding into organizations, and incorporating retention strategies as a core component of the organizational culture. These solutions will be presented and supported at programs hosted by LSHRM this year.

    Organizations across the country are frustrated that they are unable to find the talent needed to fill current job openings. Louisville is not exempt from the workforce crisis around skills and talent shortages. Most recently, over 1,000 Kentucky employers participated in The Bridging the Talent Gap Survey disseminated by They Kentucky Society of Human Resource Management (KYSHRM) in 2017. This survey assessed the needs and current state of human resources in organizations across the state. The findings indicate that 86% of employers anticipate moderate to high growth in the next 3-5 years. Among those currently hiring, 82% stated that they are experiencing challenges finding the talent that they need. Demand is extremely high in several industries; including, advanced manufacturing, IT, and hospitality. Please review the full results of the survey at     

    These statistics are alarming when considering the gap between talent supply and demand. However, this is a favorable time to showcase the numerous skills and talents that veterans bring to the workforce. LSHRM will introduce the first talent solution in February. LSHRM will host a free professional development workshop for veterans on Monday, February 12th at Southwest Public Library from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. The workshop will be facilitated by a veteran who has phenomenally transitioned to a civilian career, Erin Mires, PhD. There will also be time allocated before and after the presentation for one on one assistance and questions around successfully navigating the job search. We invite veterans to participate in this event and allow LSHRM to help take your post service career to the next level. To sign up for the event, please visit the following link, REGISTER

    The 2018 LSHRM veterans’ initiative will culminate at the Talent Solutions: Transitioning Veterans chapter meeting at University of Louisville Delphi Center on Tuesday, March 13 at 11:45 a.m. The keynote speakers for this program are phenomenal and have significant experience launching veteran recruitment programs. They are James Tongate, Program Manager of Military and Veterans Affairs, at Marsh & McLennan Companies and Cecilia Clark, Senior HR Generalist, at Schwan’s Company. Additionally, Michelle DeJohn, Employer Customer Services Branch Manager, at Kentucky Career Center will provide information about the requirements and process for retrieving Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) for your organization when hiring veterans and other specialized groups. LSHRM will invite 50 veterans to attend this program at no cost.

                Following the meeting, there will be a FREE Connect-A-Veteran networking event that encourages veterans to interact with human resource professionals and business leaders that are seeking individuals to fill current job openings. Register for both of these events on the LSHRM website at

              Veterans have made monumental sacrifices to serve this great country. We owe them gratitude and opportunity. These programs will provide veterans and employers with tools and knowledge that will assist with advancing veterans in the workforce.

    If you have any questions about this program or other LSHRM events, please email

  • 01/16/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    We would like our LSHRM Members to Step Up to the Challenge! Like with any athletic activity, you need to find the elements that work for you. To help get you started, here are some tips:

    • If you are new to climbing stairs, then start slow and build up your tempo.
    • To reduce the risk of injury, place your entire foot on the stair each time.
    • Experiment with climbing techniques. Check out our climb training guide here: For example, some climbers prefer to keep their arms by their sides, while others prefer to use the handrails. You can climb one or two steps at a time, depending on your comfort level. Use your training climbs to find what works for you.
    • Consider a light snack before the climb begins. This will help you maintain your energy level without feeling sick.
    • Post Climb take a couple of minutes to cool down and stretch. This will help keep your muscles from being sore.


  • 01/14/2018 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

    SPOT Award Winner for November

    The SPOT Award stands for Spontaneous Praise and Ongoing Thanks. We recognize a volunteer monthly that goes above and beyond in their dedication and support of the LSHRM Chapter.

    The LSHRM Board of Directors is pleased to recognize Regina Sears as our January SPOT Award Winner.  Regina is the kind of volunteer every committee wants. In 2017, she volunteered with the SHRM Foundation and Special Events Committee as our communications liaison to the KYSHRM Conference. In addition, she put together a Panera Bread fundraising night for the SHRM Foundation. She also helped to put together some lovely baskets at our basket making party. She is reliable, engaging, and fun to be around. 

    Thanks Regina for all you do for LSHRM!

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