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06/02/2017 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)

Innovation not Insanity: The Key to Bridging the Talent Gap

By: Joshua Williams

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” –Benjamin Franklin

While the iconic phrase unlikely referenced a labor shortage, it is difficult to think of a more appropriate quote to describe the industry-spanning struggle to find and retain talent in the greater Louisville region. Every day, companies and organizations grapple to fill a growing list of vacancies through an evaporating talent pool. And despite a dwindling number of job seekers, many are steadfast on traditional talent acquisition methods that bear little to no fruit: posting jobs online in hopes of getting a bite, attending career fairs to connect with a shared pool of job seekers, etc.. While these activities certainly have merit, they rely fundamentally on an abundance of job seekers that simply is no longer there. The circumstances for recruiting and retaining employees have changed and yet the solution for many is doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for different results. 

Innovation is the key to bridging this talent gap. Approaching the labor and skills shortage with fresh perspective, creativity and agility is crucial to ensuring companies have the employees it needs to continue growth. Gone are the days when employers can post an opening on a job board and have a plethora of qualified candidates to sift through. Instead, those with the insights and know how to adapt to a limited workforce will continue growing. For many, this can be an intimidating process but there are resources out there to help.

To aid companies in producing creative and effective workforce solutions, The Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM) will be hosting Innovation: the Key to Bridging the Talent Gap on June 13th at The Olmstead. Using data collected from the regions business leaders in the Talent Alignment Survey, this event will feature “Ted Talk” style presentations from three business leaders who have successfully crafted innovative solutions to meet their company’s talent needs. Panelists will include Nicole Carter, Vice President of Learning and Development at Signature Healthcare; Ankur Gopal, CEO at Inerapt; and Dan Thomas, Workforce Planning Manager at UPS.

For more information or to register for this engaging and insightful event, please click here or contact Joshua Williams at workforce-readiness@lshrm.org

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