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09/05/2017 8:00 AM | Katherine Locsin (Administrator)


As a 1st time attendee and volunteer for the 33rd Annual KYSHRM 2017 Conference, I was very impressed! Held at the Galt House Hotel from August 29th-August 31st, the conference brought together over 600 HR professionals from the Kentucky region, as well as speakers, sponsors and exhibitors from all over the United States to obtain and dish out the latest and greatest strategies, technology, products, and services to help HR professionals with professional development and succeed in meeting their respective company’s goals.

Being one of the many volunteers representing the Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM), the conference was a very busy and fun time!  A big Thank You to Caroline “CJ” Flinn, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce team and everyone who contributed for an outstanding and successful job in the coordination of the conference, volunteers and networking events. The volunteers were well taken care of and fully prepared to “man our assigned posts”!  As a business professional seeking to enter the HR profession, I was truly appreciative of the opportunity to obtain a huge amount of HR knowledge and connect with some of the greatest and highly knowledgeable HR professionals. 

There are so many exciting events and happenings which took place, from the awesome sessions, the great food and snacks to the fun networking events and keynote speakers, that’s is difficult to write about them all. My conference highlights will include The Belle of Louisville Cruise and conference speakers.

After a long, yet productive and effective 2nd day of the conference, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors climbed aboard the Belle of Louisville for a two-hour cruise.  I chatted and networked with new faces while reconnecting with others whom I met previously.  The entertainment started with the KYSHRM volunteers singing a Karaoke-style tune to Michael Jackson’s Beat IT!  We had a blast and what a way for a fellow volunteer-Mike and myself to celebrate our birthdays!

            One of my main duties as a volunteer was to introduce the speaker for the assigned session.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity of introducting very lively and energic speakers who were at the top of their profession and with very interesting and educational topics.  The topics ranged from Identity Theft in the Workplace to Religious Freedom at Work.  All presenters did an exceptional job and kept the audience’s attention by having interactive and thought-provoking sessions.  However, there were two presentations which stood out for me:

“Finding the Sweet Spot in Talent Acquisition and Branding”, presented by Lauren Rauch, CEO and Co-Founder with 5 Star Global Recruitment Partners discussed the issues and solutions for attracting the right talent.  There were a couple of great takeaways which resonated with me as the attendees completed the “fill in the blanks” worksheet during throughout the presentation:

Differentiation & Understanding the Candidates Motivation:

  • “High caliber candidates do not seek Perfection; they seek Challenges.”

Never Underestimate the power of Personal Touch:

  • “Listen, Anticipate and meet their (the candidate’s) needs.”
  • “If all we have to offer is more money, then we’re in trouble.”

The second presenter, Brian Simmons-HR Advisor with CMI Consulting peaked his audience’s interest (and mine) with the title of his presentation, “Thank you for the eating the Cake: A Modern Day Lesson in Employee Recognition.”  

Mr. Simmons explained the story of how his “Cake” title came about the pitfalls of employee engagement and recognition programs.  He went on to elaborate that an “eating the cake” culture would mean your employees appreciate the recognition received.  Some of the highlights of his presentation included:

  • The importance of clearly communicating employee recognition programs
  • The #1 of driver(s) of employee engagement are Appreciation for work done and Respect
  • When recognizing employee(s) formally or informally,
  • Choose the recognition (verbal, handwritten note, or company event)
  • Plan the details
  • Execute the recognition

 At the end of the presentation, he creatively gifted each attendee with a small gift box with a delicious cup “cake” inside

His captivating presentation left one question in mind to share:

Are your employees “eating the cake”?  

I learned a great deal to progress further into my HR profession and met some great individuals far and near who willingly shared their HR knowledge and expertise.  The KYSHRM conference is a great place to be to Learn from and Connect with the Best in Human Resources.  And indeed I did!  I am grateful for the amazing experience and am looking forward to attending as a more seasoned HR Professional for the 34th year.  Hope to you see everyone back with a packed-house of 700+ attending!

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