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LSHRM 60 Second Spotlight - December 2019

12/01/2019 8:00 AM | Deleted user

The “60 Second Spotlight” aims to give our most dedicated members an opportunity to share what makes LSHRM so great to them!

If you are interested in sharing your journey with LSHRM with us, please contact the Membership Engagement Committee at Membership@lshrm.org

Member Name: Kelly Groves 

Member Job Title: Senor Payroll and Benefit Administrator

Member Company Name: SHP Management Corp.

What is your current role in LSHRM? VP Administration

How long have you been a member of LSHRM? Since 2006—about 13 years!

How did you first get involved in LSHRM? When I first moved to Louisville from Maine, I had been involved with the local chapter there and was already familiar with the chapters. Since I was going to be working from home now, I really needed a place to connect with other HR Professionals and wanted an opportunity to get involved with an organization that specialized and focused in the HR field.

What are 3 words you would use to describe LSHRM? Inspiring, Fun & Thought-Provoking

What do you find the most challenging about your role in LSHRM? Ensuring our LSHRM Board and Members are continuously updated on a regular basis balanced with my regular job and life. I try and give the type of service I would want to receive from others.

How has LSHRM helped you in your professional development? I have many people in LSHRM who have been helpful to me and you can go to in the chapter for support. Working from home, the social network as well as the educational opportunities have been just as important for me. I feel I have gained so much leadership skills in the roles I have shared in Membership, Hospitality and as VP Administrator.

What do you wish other people knew about LSHRM? LSHRM is a great resource for HR Professionals and is doing so much good work. It is a great place to gain more education and learn about HR as well as great environment for networking and meeting other HR folks. Personally and professionally, it has been a great investment of time and money. Giving back to others is important I inspire to do . This is a great group and I encourage others to jump in and get involved.

Do you feel the interest in LSHRM seems to be growing or waning. Why do you think that is? Definitely growing. LSHRM is a constantly looking to partner with the community and deal with difficult challenges that our community is facing. LSHRM is viewed as a resource and HR-related experts.

LSHRM members move into high level and influential careers within their organizations.

What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time with LSHRM? I am proud that I have helped the Chapter on a day to day basis to further the opportunities to HR Professionals and given back to a group that I feel passionately about.

What changes do you think LSHRM has to look forward to over the next year? The world is changing and so must LSHRM. There are more topics that come to the forefront and need to be addressed by LSHRM. Of course legislation is changing and with that, we must too. Staying on top of these hot topics will be critical.

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