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Happy New Year!  

As we step into a brand-new year, we also step into new opportunities, new possibilities to make improvements, to forge new ventures and avenues of the way we do business and communicate with one another.  I shared in last month’s LightPost Newsletter my platform: “Engaged, Empowered and Aligned: Strategies for a New Workplace” As we move into our year of Chapter Meetings and special events, I want us to remember those words and embrace the meaning of being engaged with compassion, empowering yourself and others to be involved in your self-care and wellness, and align with strategies of change and flexibility in the workplace.  

We have some fantastic meetings and events planned for the year and a new board that has been charged with providing their best for you, our dear members.  A couple of scheduled meetings coming up at the beginning of the year is the Financial Wellness event held at the new Top Golf facility, led by Co-Directors, Chad Barnes, and Leah Jaynes in January.  This is sure to be a huge favorite of the year and provide some incredible financial information and resources.  In February, the re-energized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has an exciting and sure to be remembered event with some very notable speakers presenting on very timely and relevant topics of the day that you need to hear to consider including in your Human Resources initiatives for DE&I.  

With that being said, be sure to watch for more information to come and sign up to attend on the LSHRM website.  Along with other planned meetings, you won’t want to miss these events!  Now, because I just did not have enough on my plate, I am also the Co-President of the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville, and we plan to partner as two forces in the city on some events which will bring both groups together to collaborate and support one another on mutual interests.  We are excited to welcome in the new year, welcome your input and involvement to make it one to remember!  

Warmest Regards “EE&A”,

Annetta L. Hunter, 2023 LSHRM President

'Tis the Season: Compassion at Work!

As the chronological year ends and my term as President concludes, I want to express my sincere appreciation and recognition for the many acts of compassion in which you, my associates in human resource management, are engaged. Please take a minute to complete this brief survey below. I plan to publish a summary, so all can see how engaged our professionals are in our community. Anyone who completes the survey by Jan 6 will be entered into a drawing for free attendance at a charter meeting held in 1st qtr of 2023.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: | 502-792-9159.
Thank you in advance. And best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year.
Laura Wood
President, LSHRM 2022

Complete Survery!

LSHRM Membership – NOW is the time to renew or join! Start the New Year off right

I can’t believe it is 2023. This year passed quickly. If you were not a member you missed out on some great programming and meetings as well as many networking and fun times to gather. Many of our members have their membership expire this time of the year so NOW is a great time to renew your membership. Don’t put it off as things are starting off quickly for us in 2023!

If you have never joined LSHRM or let your membership lapse quite a long time ago, it is a great time to join. Take advantage of great programming and ways to advance your profession.

Join LSHRM to connect with other HR professionals and attend monthly HR programming.

  • $50 a year for LSHRM membership with SHRM membership

  • $80 a year for LSHRM membership

  • Only $15 a year for LSHRM student membership

Your membership committee is here to help you. Reach out to Kelly Groves, Bridgette McDaniels-Mix, Danita Taylor and Kayla Holzknecht for assistance.

Would you like to host a New Member Orientation at your Business and receive free marketing?

Would your business like to host our new member orientations? For hosting our group for a free or reduced rate, you can speak with the group about your business and what you can do for LSHRM members and be promoted on all of our communication via email and the website. Contact Kelly if interested at Our next orientation will be scheduled for February 2023. Happy new 2023 year!

Don’t Miss Out. You Owe it to Yourself!

Nine Tips for a Restful Night

Sleep is an important process that helps your body and mind restore and recharge each day. The average adult needs around 7 to 9 hours of daily rest for optimal health and vitality. Sleep impacts the brain, heart, lungs, immune system and mood—to name a few—and when we don’t get enough of it, it’s almost impossible to be at our best.

Fortunately, there are things you can do throughout the day to improve your sleep hygiene and get a better night’s sleep.

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