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Greetings, LSHRM friends. If you have been following me and President-Elect Annetta Hunter on social media you know how much we enjoyed attending the SHRM22 Annual Conference in New Orleans. The information and insight we gained, numerous connections we made and so many ideas we are bringing back to our chapter.

One of the amazing speakers we were both blessed to hear and interact with was Arianna Huffingon, Thrive. She spoke primarily about employee well-being and mental health. From my perspective this should be on top of our personal and professional daily objectives. I know it’s on mine.

Now more than ever the times are uncertain. Our commitment to mental health can’t be.

In the past two years, employee well-being and mental health have moved to the center of the business agenda. Business leaders have seen firsthand the growing mental health crisis and responded to the urgent need for employers to support the well-being of their employees.

As we continue through challenging times, we must reaffirm that employee mental health and well-being remain as essential as ever.

That’s why Thrive and SHRM have come together to pledge to continue prioritizing the well-being and mental health of our employees through the uncertain times that lie ahead — and maintain our investments and commitments in this critical area.

Because it’s in times like these that organizations most need to nurture their collective resilience.

We’ve made tremendous progress in understanding the importance of employee well-being and mental health. If we’re going to set our employees and our companies up for long-term success, we need to build on the lessons of the past two years.

Join Us. Take the

‍#MentalHealthPledge today.

Take the Pledge!

Thank you and as always, my friends, be safe, stay well and be compassionate.


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