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“Engaged, Empowered and Aligned: Strategies for a New Workplace”

Hello Dear Members!

As a new quarter begins, and Spring is blooming, I ask that we take a moment of reflection. The days and months zoom by so fast, that we forget sometimes in our busy lives to just pause and give ourselves a break to just be. Meditate, appreciate and evaluate where you are. Be thankful for family and friends and value each and every life with gratitude and understand that each person and every circumstance unfolds to teach us something and enhance who we are. Now, at this present time, I pause to remember those we lost last month in the tragedy that befell our city.

On the day of April 10, 2023, we paused to watch the unfolding of a senseless act that has become too commonplace of late. As we sat glued to our phone and TV screens watching what was occurring in our own backyard, the realization that we are not immune to this Violence in the workplace and it had become a part of our local lives now, as this can happen at any place, any time and to anyone. Lives were tragically altered, and sadness ensued for families and friends of those who perished. The collective thought, “We must take more initiative in our workplace safety,” must have run across many business leaders’ minds. The question of what do we do, and where do we turn may be answered soon.

I always say timing is everything, and in this case it certainly is. We had already planned the May Chapter meeting discussion to be on Workplace Violence. And to date, we have more people registered than I have seen in quite a few years! That means that it is on the minds of leadership, and they are looking for answers. I interviewed a couple of retired SWAT police officers who joined forces to create a workplace safety training company. They told me their phones are ringing off the hook right now. I have invited them as my guests to attend our upcoming Chapter meeting to provide more insight and information to the members attending and answer any questions. They can be a great resource!

And at LSHRM, we want to support our HR leadership and workplaces in whatever way that we can, therefore, we will be adding a Workplace Safety Resource page to the website along with other information and training in the future. I know that we cannot avoid every disaster happening, but we should do everything in our power to educate, prepare our work staff and make an investment in preventing such disasters in the future!

Register for the May Chapter meeting:

“Workplace Violence”

05/09/2023, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM @ Burhans Hall, UofL ShelbyHurst Campus,

450 N. Whittington Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40222

Warmest Regards “EE&A” (Engaged, Empowered and Aligned)

Annetta L. Hunter, 2023 LSHRM President

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The Fair Chance Academy bridges the gap between businesses’ need for employees and those in active recovery or returning citizens to find meaningful employment. After attending The Fair Chance Academy, Kentucky businesses are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to help them successfully hire, train, and retain exceptional talent and be on the road to becoming transformational employers. Applications for Cohort III are open now until May 8th.

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Join us for our May Chapter Meeting as Dr. Alysa Lambert discusses a topic that has been all too prominent in our recent news--Workplace Violence. With increases in workplace shootings and violence around the world. Organizations must think about and prepare for when conflict escalates to a level that puts worker safety at risk. This session will discuss the indicators and motivators of workplace violence as well as tips on how to diminish dangerous behavior and create a more positive workplace.

Lunch will be provided for those who register in advance and the program is good for one (1) hour of credit from SHRM/HRCI for attendees.

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