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President, Laura Wood

Greetings, LSHRM friends. I don't know about you but after attending a Thunder Over Louisville Party this year and enjoying the beautiful weather I've caught the "Derby" spirit.  Of course, my birthday this year just so happens to be on Derby Day. I'm excited that many of you will be joining us Sunday, May 1 at Churchill Downs for Dawn at The Downs. 

So, since April was Volunteer Month, I thought it appropriate to share the photos from the Mayors Give A Day Feed the Hungry. Also, it occurred to me that rather than make suggestions on volunteer opportunities in the Louisville area for LSHRM members to participate in it makes more sense for you to tell me what you are already volunteering for. Starting this month, we will be compiling a list of all the volunteerism LSHRM Members are doing and each month in the LightPost to come we will feature one of our outstanding members and what they are doing to contribute towards Louisville being a Compassionate City.

May we feature longtime LSHRM Member Steven Farr, M.S.A., SHRM – SCP, SPHR who shared with me that for over 15 years, he has been involved with the Kentucky Citizen Foster Care Review Board.  Citizen Foster Care Review Boards are in every county in Kentucky.  We review the cases of children in out of home care and submit findings and recommendations to the judge who is overseeing the child’s case. He serves on the Oldham County Board and has served as board chair for approximately 10 years.  He is currently the state Vice Chair and will become the state Chair for two years starting in November of this year.

Steven said we are always recruiting volunteers to help us in our work.  If you want to learn more Steven would be glad to answer any questions a potential volunteer might have.

Now I hope I will hear for you about what types of volunteerism you’re involved in.

Finally, our LSHRM Book Club will start out reading Engaging the Heart for People, Performance, and Profit: Seven Competencies of Compassion@Work, Author R. Brayton Bowen AM, SHRM-SC. June 1, 2022. All members who have expressed an interest will be contacted separately and anyone who still would like to participate can reach out to me this month.

As always, my friends, be safe, stay well and be compassionate.


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Welcome to the first in a series of Compassion Reset Book Club Discussions. Our opening session begins with a book selected by our members and written by one of our own HR professionals, Brayton Bowen, SHRM – SCP, Compassion Advocate and CEO for Building Better Worlds of Work, LLC. 

As the workplace climbs back to a “new normal,” workers are torn between working remotely in the comfort of their personal environment and returning to a workplace that is more aligned with workplace politics and corporate profits. The predictable outcomes are the return of increased employee turnover and less employee satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be that way. Brayton identifies seven competencies of compassion which when implemented inspire employees, improve organizational performance, and increases profits up to 40% and more. Based on a review of some 200 Louisville-based organizations, Brayton focuses on seven that have achieved constructive results. Organizations include Humana, Brown-Forman, La Casita Center, UPS and more.

The book is available at Amazon, $12.95. Be sure to get your copy today and get ready to learn more about the seven competencies of compassion: compassionate leadership, constructive organization cultures, values, stewardship, diversity and inclusion, recognition and rewards, and corporate social responsibility. 

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Love The Hungry project – Special appreciation to Cindy Vaughn, LSHRM Interim VP Administration for representing LSHRM as part of our 2022 Compassion Reset

On April 4, volunteers packaged 22,548 meals for Operation Ukraine.  The ultimate goal is to package 70,000+ meals to be provided to Operation Ukraine.  The supplies will be sent to one of their partnering organizations in Poland.  

For the past 10 years, more than 40,000 volunteers of all ages have helped create 7.5 million fortified meals that have been shared with children and families worldwide that are vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition.  This includes 600,000 meals packaged during the Mayor's Week of Service.