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May Wellness Update

We had a great turnout and many fantastic ideas exchanged to help employers cope with remote work and transitioning back into the workplace.

Special thanks to Patrick Smith, PHR, SHRM-CP , Lisa M. Johnson, SHRM-SCP , Kersten FarahKelly Schmidt and many others who engaged in conversation with me during our Best Practices Benchmarking Session where we shared pros and cons of what each organization is doing to transition back into the workplace.

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Thanks to our LSHRM Wellness Team of Chad Barnes , Bonnie Bowles, Annetta Hunter and Leslie Scott for a great session on Being Well & Living Well In Times of Uncertainty yesterday. We hope you found it helpful and look forward to seeing you at our future events! https://www.lshrm.org/calendar-of-events


May is Mental Health Awareness Month 

Mental Health Awareness Month 2020: Tools 2 Thrive

Mental Health Awareness Month: Tools 2 Thrive

It’s easy to talk about mental health, but it’s not always easy to handle psychological and emotional problems when they arise. As part of Mental Health Awareness Month 2020, the people at Mental Health America created a list of five things that everyone can do to support strong mental health:

1. Own the feelings.

The ability to recognize, identify, and talk about your feelings is the first step toward managing the most difficult ones.

2. Find the positive.

The best way to do this is to make a list of the things in life for which you are grateful. Positivity will follow from gratitude – we promise.

3. Connect with others.

During this time of isolation and social distance, it’s important to reach out to family, friends, and peers via telephone, messaging, or video chat. Social contact can lift your spirits, and sometimes, having a real heart-to-heart with a friend can make all the difference.

4. Eliminate toxic influences.

This is a time when you can identify the things in your life that are toxic, and remove them from your life, one by one. This includes toxic people, toxic habits, and toxic patterns of thought.

5. Create healthy routines.

The COVID lockdown means most of us have extra time on our hands – and we need to fill that time with things that support mental health. This is a great time to start small and build on incremental, daily successes. You can do this with food, exercise, sleep habits, and media consumption, all of which can either support or undermine mental health. Make proactive choices to create routines that support positive mental health, and leave the routines that undermine mental health behind, along with all the things you deemed toxic.


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The LSHRM Wellness Committee would like to thank our sponsors and everyone who participated in last year’s events and we look forward to you joining us at all of our Wellness events in 2020! 

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